🙤So I got diſtracted...🙧

But at leaſt I got a template made...
I ſhould get back to work wiþ þe character-code-collection...

Also, I found ſomeone who alſo writes with þorns, long S:es and so on!
It's nice to find new people, who share ȝour little idioſyncraſies.
I really don't have anyþing elſe to put here, but I don't know how to get þe footer to sit at the bottom of þe page, ſo I miȝt as well prattle on.
I gueſs I could preſent a "Roadmap" of sorts...
Þe repository of ſilly ſigns (as I'll now call it)
Allmoſt done! just needs a bit of CSS and it's ready to go!
Þe Linktionaries
I need to sort þrouȝ þeſe, before I can put anyþing togeþer...
An Headcannon
So I was re-reading þe new Cardcaptor ſakura manga, and now I have Opinions Þouȝts on it. I miȝt, and þis is a direct þreat, put þem online.
Bits & Bobs
Þere's a long way til þis meſs is in any ſhape or ſize a functional ſite, but I hope to ſoon be in ſomewhat running ſhape; Hopefully ſometime next week
I þink þat's it for today. I need to eat ſomeþing.
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