Welcome to the Home of the 𝔚𝔞𝔪𝔭𝔶𝔯 𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥

Darest Þou make þy way inside?

There's a scroll nailed to the door...

Read it?

Friends of Fear
Foes of light

Lead I a lonely one
the lowe of night

For your friendship, friend
I fear, forlorn

Hardships here
will halt my hope

can you brave the burdens here
be the beast of All Hallows Eve

Well then, wanderer
heed my words:

take the greatest tale there is
tally him one and tally again
but first and every other place
follow then a fractured gate

The beast brought from it
Burned and battered
Strange staves
stapeled as standard
brethren were both by
banesmen butchered
First after first,
becomes the Final
Second one in sentence standing
Spanish seems the endings spelling

Last I leave you
Lonesome lurker

The gravest gift
a ghoul could get


Tremble not
dear Trick-or-treater

Break the Barriers, whole and hale
Become the beast of All Hallows Eve

The dark, gothic foyer looms before you as you step into the moonlit mansion.
directly to your right is a door from which you can hear an eery creaky sound
and on the other end of the dreary room are two doors flanking steep marble stairs reaches two large wooden doors on the floor above

A large grandfather clock, stuck on twelve minutes to midnight stands in the corner

The shape doesn't move as you enter the kitchen. Its sharp knife staying by its side as the infernal clattering continues. As it seems fairly harmless, you leave the shifty-eyed monster to do its thing and look around

The kitchen lies covered in shadows, making it hard to see anything clearly. What would normaly be a rustic scene is made into a nightmare by the dreary ambiance. go back to the foyer?

As you slowly climb the stairs, the wooden doors creak open, and in from within the shadows of the doorframe emerge a raging panther, who&s eyes glow supernaturally
It snarls at you, before pacing around on the landing
You won't be able to go up. Go down

Go back to foyer?
The damp and dreary atmosphere chills your bones as you walk through the dark basement.
Your torch casts a sliver of light on the bare stone walls, where things scutters away from your sight.
*kitchen *treasury

I'ma test!