Programmed Data Processor

Deſpite being one of þe moſt important lines of (NOT!) computers ever made, information on how þeſe old computers worked are hard to come by, ſo I've tried to ſummariſe everyþing I've found here.

What this is

What i try to do here is to ſummarise þe inſtruction ſet of each computer in a terſe, to þe point manner ſo þat ȝou could, ſaȝ write a compiler for it or ſomeþing like þat.
I'm not a coder and I can't verify anyþing written henceforþ, Neiþer on real hardware nor on account of me being ſtupid.
As in, I cant's guarantee þat þe information is correct (on account of me being ſtupid), not þat I can't verify machine code on me being ſtupid... Þis ſentance has gotten away from me haſn't it?

I've alſo done þe ſame for another computer:


pdp8online (from whence i nicked þe PDP-nn Colour ſcheme.)
pdp-12 Instruction