Well, off to a smooth start I guess!

So... Þis is embarrassing!
I was supposed to uppload a wee note here, but apearently just forgot to.
Sorry 'bout þat.
Anyway, HI! I'm Xꞟl!
Or Xül, or Xyl.
Depends on what's easier to write.

I'm intrerested in a lot of þings, among þem an old international auxilliary language called Volapük, which I'm trying to learn. Þere's where the name's from.
Oþer þings i'm into are old-fashioned computing, TTRPGs, Heraldry, Serial Experiments Lain, &c.
I also, in caſe ȝou havn't noticed, I have firm (if ſilly) opinions on English Orthography.

Two þings I've almost finished wiþ are þe Volapꞟkator, a tool for translating Volapük text from normal orthography to Schleyer's ſpecial letters,
and a repository of ſpecial characters.

I'm, as I hope you have caught on to, not a very-good-at-wordsy-person as well as A Bit Of A Mess, but I hope that by jumping before I look, by having... OVER A HUNDRED‽‽‽ (þat's way more þan I would've þouȝt!) eyeballs on me þat I miȝt make something useful.
Or, failing þat, at least someþing interessting.

2 or maybe 3?/6/22

  • Tiȝtened up þe CSS on þe index page, and did some more fiddeling.
    I've also finiſhed the Volapꞟkator!
    It's for changing the letters "Ä", "Ö" and "Ü" to Schleyer's propoſed forms!
    I hope ſomeone finds it useful :)

    † Well, for ſome meaſure of finiſhed...
    Could ſtill do wiþ ſome improvements.
    Like actually doing þe tranſlation....



    So my computer decided to crap itself ȝesterday, So I'll have to ſort þat out :(


    Silly Signs now up.
    Dunno if it works
    Hopefully I can get my computer up & running later
    At least I can ſtart wiþ þe fun stuff t'morrow.


    Added more characters to the Silly Sign page, ſtill can't be arſed to do it properly.
    Have had a bit of a rouȝ week...
    Alſo need to update þe credits page... Prolly do Þat t'morrow.
    Alſo alſo, I need to add back-buttons. ȝou really DO need þem.

    13/6/22, but later

    I really tried...

    Well, it's now officially Halloween. 5 o'clock to be exact and I didn't manage to finiſh þe Trick or Treat þingie on time.
    I gueſs þats't be expected wi þe luck I've had lately.
    Computers' bugged, I loſt a Driveful of old ſtuff. And my phone's dead.

    I'm really ſorry for being a meſs. Hopefully I can get back into ſome ſembelence of normalcy again
    I really want to ſee ſummat þrouȝ to Ꝥ end.
    Juſt Once...

    31/10/22, but preciſely.

    Fredꞝ Yuoli!

    Happy Yule, everybody!
    Þis ȝear has been a pretty bad one for me, all þings conſidered I hope ȝours has been better.
    I want to get back to actualy finniſh þe site (Well... ȝou get what I mean...) next ȝear.
    At leaſt I get to ſleep in a bed again :)

    I hope þis ȝear'll be þe worſt ȝou'll ever ſee!

    It's really late now, but I fixed þe þing wiþ þe Silly Sign Repocitory reaload hack, ſo ȝaȝ me!

    Reading þrouȝ what I wrote ages ago, it feels like þat was anoþer life...
    Hopefully þings'll get better.
    Heck, at leaſt Cardcaptor Sakura proved me wrong. I þink? I þink I þouȝt it'd turn into Tsubasa...
    I really need to ſleep now... Good niȝt!


    Happy new ȝear everybody!
    Finally got around to tranſlate þe Volapük text on þe Volapꞟkinator!
    I don't like to make new ȝear reſolutions, but Daŋ it, þis ȝear I'll Definitely put ſome actual effort into learning volapük!
    Should I do a daily blog in it, perhaps?